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The MobileGo portable oxygen tank is the number one choice of patients and doctors. This portable package allows patients the space and freedom to go wherever they choose. Don't let your breathing troubles limit what you can do. Go the extra mile with MobileGo portable oxygen by O2 Distributors.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Portable OxygenMany patients who have been put on oxygen tanks for their health have lost the ability to be active and mobile in their lifestyles. Needing oxygen to support your health can almost feel like a ball chain, restricting you from the freedom you used to feel in your healthy life. Although portable oxygen has been around for a number of years, until recently "portable" still meant bulky and cumbersome tanks and equipment. Patients who needed oxygen treatment were often limited to staying in their homes or needing to plan elaborately for simple and short outings. But a new line of portable oxygen generators and concentrators has opened doors for oxygen patients. With groundbreaking new oxygen therapy equipment like the MobileGo and the O2Flow patients can experience a rediscovered independence in their ability to go about their day without worrying and planning about how to receive their oxygen treatments.

People use medical oxygen therapy for a variety of reasons. Doctors may prescribe it to patients diagnosed with lung cancer, emphysema, COPD, or a variety of other conditions that cause difficulty breathing in patients. There are three different kinds of home oxygen therapy methods, but portable oxygen concentrators are by far the most convenient and portable for patients with active and mobile lifestyles.

Three kinds of Home Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen suppliers can provide patients with Compressed Oxygen Gas Cylinders, liquid oxygen, and Oxygen Concentrators for medical treatments and there are different benefits to each.

Compressed Oxygen Gas Cylinders
This type of oxygen is kept in a compressed cylinder in gas form. The flow rate from the container is measured with a gas flow meter and regulator. Doctors usually prescribe this type of oxygen therapy when oxygen use is only occasionally required, such as during physical activity. These type of tanks must be handled with care and kept in an upright position. This type of oxygen therapy is bulkier and less portable to use and need frequent tank refills.

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid oxygen is kept in a thermos-like container at an extremely cold temperature. When the oxygen is warmed up, it changes to gaseous form and can be taken by the patient as medication. Although it requires less space than the compressed oxygen tank, it is typically more expensive to use liquid oxygen. Patients who live more active lifestyles usually prefer liquid oxygen because it can be stored for short periods in smaller containers. However, the downside to using liquid oxygen is that it will evaporate in a relatively short period of time. The cost is more expensive and operating the oxygen supplies can be complicated and confusing.

Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is an electrically powered machine which collects oxygen from the ambient air, and filters it away from other gases. The filtered oxygen can then be delivered to the patient for intake and the flow rate can be set with the built in meter on the device. Many patients like this option because it doesn't require refilling nearly as often and it is good for long-term oxygen use. Battery powered oxygen concentrators are significantly more portable than other devices and can even be taken on airplanes.

Choosing the best home oxygen therapy for you should be determined with help from your doctor. O2 Distributors specializes in portable oxygen concentrators which are the most convenient for patients with active and mobile lifestyles. With portable concentrators like the MobileGo and O2Flow, your oxygen treatment doesn't have to keep you from living the life you love. Please browse our website to learn more about the portable oxygen concentrators we offer and how they can benefit you.


"I used to use the giant, heavy oxygen tanks in order to take care of my breathing. I've been diagnosed with acute emphysema, so using an oxygen supplement was necessary for my health. But when you are attached to the oxygen tanks, you are literally chained to the spot. I've got six grandchildren who love to run and play outside. There just wasn't any way for me to participate in their lives when I was stuck in the house. Not to mention how scary a great big tank like that can look to a five year old. The MobileGo from O2 Distributors literally gave me freedom that I just didn't have when I first diagnosed. Now I can play with my grandkids outside in the park, and not worry about my breathing and my oxygen needs. The MobileGo is small and discreet enough that it doesn't draw attention everywhere you go either. It's changed the quality of my life."
-Matthew Morrison